Integrating Google Drive (Docs) with SmartQ... in syncing fashion?

It would be a HUGE benefit to businesses if SmartQ could allow all entered data, even if updated, to sync to Google Drive for easy reporting and backing-up reasons.

A) SmartQ could create the file, which would need to be a "spreadsheet" google doc file, so the user could edit it if need be.


B) I use products that do this very creative sync style... The user creates their very own Google Drive 'Spreadsheet' file (on Google Drive), where they leave it blank other than the first row, where they title every column with the fields they want [SmartQ] to populate. Then, the SmartQ user logs into SmartQ and connects Google Drive with SmartQ, syncing them... then the SmartQ user goes to settings for the "workflow" in question, where they now see an ability to tie a Google Drive "Spreadsheet" to the workflow.... The user then, for that workflow, will select the created "spreadsheet" that is sitting in their Google Drive account... once that "spreadsheet" is selected, all of the SmartQ fields (that are inside a ticket on SmartQ itself) appear with drop downs next to each one (Google Drive "Column" names for that "selected" Spreadsheet... The user then has all of the "spreadsheet" column titles available in each drop down box and they manually match each SmartQ Ticket Title, that gets pulled straight from the ticket fields, to a column you (the SmartQ user) created on the Google Drive "Spreadsheet". It's a genius way to have every ticket entry/save populate an entire row on an existing "Google Drive Spreadsheet".

I really think integrating with Google Drive is huge, and without this, I can see myself slowly phasing into a different product that does what SmartQ does (even if not as well) just because of Google Drive Syncing (not just Google Drive backing up... it's key to have this data in fields to edit if need be)... even if you can't do REAL-TIME updates, at least when a ticket is "Archived" it could send the final data set to Google Drive? Even that would be HUGE I think, and any "changes" can be made in Google Drive on the actual Spreadsheet... A product will come along that does both, again and they may not do what SmartQ does as well as SmartQ, but syncing is critical for business now... syncing and backing-up... I'm really hoping SmartQ can take the lead on being the first board workflow product (that has SmartQ's design) that understands that business are turning to Google Drive integrated apps.

I look forward to a response.
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  • Google Drive files are already "synced" all the time - since they are online and any changes are reflected for all users. You do not copy a Google Drive file anywhere - it always stays on Google Drive. You simply paste a link to it where you need - in smartQ too. By clicking the link a user opens the Google Drive file.

    So it is all already synced and you can paste links to Google Drive files easily to smartQ - simply copy and paste the URL of your spreadsheet or document from Google Drive into smartQ. We use Google Docs in our company the same way.

    By "Google Docs" integration companies mean an interface to get to those files through an interface - to get the link to them - instead of just copying it from another tab in your browser. So the integration itself does not do much.
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