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Improved candidate experience and screening questions

Hi All,

We are actively working on updating SmartRecruiters' candidate experience by redesigning the application process (to be released later this month) . This update will also include ability to add screening questions to the online application.

Applicants can quickly apply using their social profiles; LinkedIn or Facebook. Since a lot of people have up-to-date information on their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles, we want to make it really easy to use these profiles.

Applicants can easily skip this step and upload a resume instead.

Information from their profiles or resume will be parsed and displayed immediately. They can verify this information, add a message to the recruiter and submit their applications. It'll be that easy!

However, if you set up screening questions, applicants get one more screen where they can answer these questions before they submit their applications.

To set up screening questions, you can choose from a list of out-of-the-box questions or can create custom open-ended questions (note that we are still working on the phrasing for these questions). You also have the choice to include an acknowledgement that applicants must check before submitting. Take a look at UI to set up screening questions below.

We are very excited about this redesign of the application process. Please let us know what you think.

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