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"Stop Goal" - oh you're such a tease

While rummaging around in some of the comments here at getsatisfaction, I noticed one of the topics touched on by a few people. It's the unpleasant surprise one gets when trying to redeem their goal before all the funds have been cleared/verified.

And I too ran into this. The first time I clicked "Stop Goal" and was told that I needed to wait, my reaction was, "Well THAT was a tease - offering me a function that I can't use." And I silently chortled at the big green words, "It’s your money, do with it what you want." on the "Stop Goal" (not) page as I realized I can't get at my money.

I understand the need to wait for the funds. And I know what to expect now. But I'm thinking about the poor souls coming along after me destined to unwittingly encounter the same surprise. Has there been thought given to how the web site could be more helpful than this?

My own idea would be to grey-out the "stop goal" option - thus showing that the goal can not be stopped (yet). I'd keep the link clickable, however, so as to present a message explaining why the goal can't be stopped.

Well anywhoo... I'm actually more interested in hearing your ideas than offering mine.
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