I’m thinking this would be cool.

Help me VISUALIZE my money.

I think one of the coolest things about SmartyPig is that it makes saving, fun. There are many reasons why SmartyPig is more fun than other banks, but I think that one of the main reasons is the unique is the design of the site itself. It's a pleasure on the eyes, featuring a simple minimalist design. However, I feel a bit frustrated by the lack of ability to visualize my money and individual goals.

Something that would make SmartyPig a lot more appealing to me at least would be outstanding graphical representation of accounts, including history, growth potential, balances, etc. I want to be able to SEE my money... where it has been, where it is, and where it is going... not just numbers, but rich graphs and analysis that allow me to gather a lot of information, quickly.

One of the things that makes finance so intimidating to people is the lack of good visual mediums for absorbing data. I would suggest making graphical representation of the data on this site would be a good thing to put at the top of the priority list to help grow the consumer base. It would set the product apart from other stodgy banks, and help maintain/grow SmartyPig's unique brand.

I could make a list of some of the most important graphs to include, and features of those graphs that would make them more relevant... but I don't want to write a novel here. This is just a brainstorming site anyway.
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