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Manual Deposits only?

Is there any possibility of allowing account holders the option of only making manual deposits into an account? I love the idea of Smarty Pig and have set some goals that fit perfectly with the automatic deposits (books, loans). I'm a student working my way through college, so my income isn't significant to begin with, and it comes in waves (i.e., I make more working full-time during the summer than part-time while I'm in school). I have some goals (Down Payment, car, etc) that'd I'd like to set and save for using Smarty Pig, but don't have the funds to dedicated at least $10 a month on a consistent basis. I would, however, like to put aside some money for these goals whenever I get the chance to. With the add money feature, it doesn't seem like such an idea would be too far off. Are there any plans to offer this feature at Smarty Pig?
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