SmartyPig revolutionizes my savings. Hit Goal 22 months Early!

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I see a lot of negative comments and not enough praise. SmartyPig has revolutionized the way I save money. Three months ago I setup a $1000 emergency fund goal. I set the monthly contribution at $39.00 and a goal to hit the $1000 mark on December 2010. I am a big web guy and love the idea of SmartyPig. I found myself slowly making more and more individual contributions when I found I had extra money. Just the other day I was going to go to a Trace Bundy concert but it canceled. I took that $10 I would have spend and immediately put it into SmartyPig, I didn't even think twice. Just yesterday I threw another $400.00 onto my goal. And I will be putting more into it tomorrow in which I will meet my $1000 mark 22 months early! There would be no way I would have ever disciplined myself to save this much just in a standard savings account. What is the fun in putting money into a savings account? You can't watch the piggy fill up! I am currently a College Student at a private University where tuition alone costs $27,000 a year; and so I am not a rich person, but pretty soon I will be thanks to SmartyPig. My brother just signed up and I am hoping he will get as addicted to saving money as I have. Keep up the great work SmartyPig!

Lol, sorry if some of those comments seem a bit cheesy or childish but you have to admit, an online piggy bank is kind of childish. A lot of people I have talked to say that it is "gay" or "stupid", but obviously it works! Sometimes we have to be like children and go back to those days where we enjoyed putting money into our piggy banks.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Wow! 22 months early?! Amazing!

Thanks so much for the kind words. I love reading how you are using SmartyPig. Exactly how I use it myself. And pretty soon we will be rolling out a mobile site and you will be able to "add money" to your goals from anywhere!

Keep up the great savings. Saving up for something is not rocket science. But thankfully it sounds like SmartyPig is making it a fun, easy and rewarding process for you.

Kudos to you!

Mike Ferrari, SmartyPig co-founder