I’m frustrated

dissatified customer, product NOT delivered as promised

I ordered a backup CD and paid the extra dollars for priority mail so that I would get it in 1-3 days as it specifies. It's been 9 days and nothing. These images are important and the customer really wants them. What do I do now, when I can't even talk to anyone on the phone about?
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  • Hi we're working as hard as we can to get you your backup. Sorry for the hassle and delay.

    The whole backup will be at no cost to you, we'll refund everything, but give us a day or two to complete that refund transaction and Lindy will be back to you with the good news.

    I'm really sorry that our order screen shows 1-3 days priority mail and doesn't clearly list the processing time of the cd back up as well.

    I've also emailed you from our help desk.

    Sorry again for the hassle and thanks for helping us to find a shortcoming in our ordering page - we're gonna address that asap!

    General Manager
    • This is the only way I know how to post my problem...please read immediately.

      I am EXTREMELY disappointed. My confirmation email stated that I ordered everything with USPS 2 day. My shipping email that you sent me stated I had EVERYTHING in one order coming USPS. I still have that email. See the paste below. There was NO packing slip in my order I received today. NONE. I only paid for expedited shipping because of the canvas. I wanted to give this to my husband for our 18th anniversay...TOMORROW. Now I am seeing that I won't receive the gift until September 11.

      I was not notified that my order was shipping in a different order. NOT HAPPY.
      I request a response immediately and I want a total refund on my shipping.

      Order confirmation that everything was 2 day...


      You shopped. We shipped. And your SmugMug prints are on the way!

      Your order went out today via USPS. Please allow 2 business days for it to make its appearance. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

      Your United States Postal Service tracking number is: 9101132138798015863161. Please note that tracking information may not be available immediately. You can track your package at http://trkcnfrm1.smi.usps.com/PTSInte...

      This shipment included 7 items as follows:

      2 5 x 7 Print (Lustre)

      1 8 x 10 Print (Lustre)

      1 5 x 7 Print (Lustre)

      1 16 x 20 Print (Lustre)

      1 16 x 20 Print (Lustre)

      1 24 x 36 Canvas (Wrapped)

      You can view your entire order online at:


      If you are prompted for an email address and password, use and the password you were sent when you placed your order.

      Email us at help@smugmug.com and we'll respond in record time. (Really...try it. We'd love to hear from you.)


      The SmugMug family

      Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 18:18:47 +0000
      From: notifications-help@smugmug.com
      To: jgblackrock@hotmail.com
      Subject: Re: Question about order #1720409 (ticket #111045)

      Reply above this line, thanks!

      Sean Rogan [SmugMug Hero], Sep 02 12:18 pm (MDT):
      Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for contacting SmugMug - sorry for any confusion - all sorts of things going on here -
      While we cannot guarantee processing times (because all prints are made to order) - the following should be helpful -
      Here are your order details -
      We post print processing time at two complete business days - three for specialty items and larger prints. Weekends and holidays are not applicable. Actual time varies depending on load and print selection - but two days is the norm. Please take the time of day into account. An order placed later will likely log on the following business day.
      This is displayed for you during checkout on the shipping selection screen - Screen shot: http://img.skitch.com/20091026-gkgstd...
      You placed your order on a weekend > Sat, Aug 28, 2010 11:38am > received by the lab on the next business day > Monday the 30th.
      Our lab completed production of the order ahead of schedule, Tue, Aug 31, 2010 3:11pm and shipped Wed, Sept. 1st.
      (the cut-off for carrier pick-up is 1pm EST > items completed after this time ship the next day, but the system generates the automated email at the point that production is completed and the prints move to the shipping phase)
      And > Your order went out in two separate shipments > we separate the larger prints from the smaller ones.
      I believe this was detailed on your packing slip included with the prints you received -
      The second portion of your shipment is currently in transit.
      AND > You requested FedEx 2nd business day service > but provided a PO BOX address > FedEx will not ship to PO BOXES - as such, your shipment went out via USPS Priority (1) and FexEx Smart Post via USPS (2) -
      You can track the order here: http://www.fedex.com/Tracking?ascend_...
      Please contact us once you have received both shipments, and we'll calculate the difference in shipping fees and credit your card for the difference.
      If I didn't explain enough or you have additional questions, please let us know. We're always glad to help.
      All the best,
      Support Hero

      Jgblackrock, Sep 02 10:42 am (MDT): Hey Support Heroes,
      I'm using Internet Explorer on Windows.
      The question is: I'm wondering where my 24x36 wrapped canvas is. My confirmation email said that is was in my order and it was not. I need to know when I can expect this. I paid extra shipping charges to have it by today.
      Please advise.
      Thank you,

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  • I’m undecided
    Thank you very much Andy. I was told alot that it was on it's way, and that's what fired me up..expecting it and not recieving it. I appreciate your response.
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  • @ Jenny Gunderson Sean, from our Support Hero staff is writing you again from our help desk to assist you. http://smugmug.com/help/emailreal where we answer your questions fast 365 days a year.
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