I'm screwed with a client due to an order error that was not followed up on.

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I am patient and I do accept Smugmug’s aplology, however, if the lab Smugmug contracts with had done what they held the responsibility of doing, why does it have to be RE-printed and why did they not follow up if it was truly printed to begin with and not picked up? I do expect better than that with my PRO account. I think Smugmug should absorb the cost of the print at no charge so I can at least give it to my client. That might help my situation some. I expect better service than this and there are lots of other options out there. My very first 16x20, my first canvas, and SOMEBODY screwed it up. I just can’t believe this. I want the MacAskill’s to have this email please. Please make sure this reaches them. Steve, I do appreciate what you did, make no mistake about that.

Regards, Jeff

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From: Steve Cavigliano [SmugMug] [mailto:help@smugmug.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 7:46 PM
To: Jeff Sanders
Subject: Re: problem with shipment 1215158

Hello Jeff,
Thank you for contacting Smugmug. Our apologies. It looks like this order was never picked up. I just got off the phone with the lab and they will reprint this and send it our via Next Business Day shipping. It should hopefully arrive Monday. Or no later than Tuesday for sure.

Again, our apologies for this issue and we than you and your customer for your patience and understanding..

Have a wonderful day Jeff :-)

Jeff Sanders wrote:

Please read entire email. This email as you see I rec’d on 10/14. I have tried electronically to track the shipment every day since and there have been no updates. Today after trying again, I called fedex and gave them the tracking number. They say they show where the shipment information was sent to fed ex but the package was never picked up. What gives? I have an extremely irate customer whom I probably will lose and I’m not so happy about it. They do about $1200 yearly with me. What’s the problem please?

Regards, Jeff Sanders

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To: sand3742@bellsouth.net

Subject: [SmugMug] Your order (#1215158) has shipped!


You shopped. We shipped. And your SmugMug prints are on the way!


Your order went out today via FedEx. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for it to make its appearance. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Your FedEx tracking number is: 200326870860710. Please note that tracking information may not be available immediately. You can track your package at http://www.fedex.com/Tracking?tracknu...

This shipment included 1 item as follows:

1 16 x 20 Canvas (Wrapped)

You can view your entire order online at:


If you are prompted for an email address and password, use and the password you were sent when you placed your order. QUESTIONS? Email us at help@smugmug.com and we'll respond in record time. (Really...try it. We'd love to hear from you.)

Many thanks for entrusting SmugMug with your order,

Chris & Don MacAskill

Owners, Photographers, Regular Guys
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Jeff Sanders

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Posted 8 years ago

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Andy Williams

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Hi Jeff, I've asked the manager of all our orders to pop in and get more details to you. In the meantime, you're not going to pay for this order, I can promise you that- we guarantee everything, including lab/shipping mixups. http://www.smugmug.com/help/print-gua...

You'll hear from Steve via email and I'm sure that Anne will reply here as well with more info and details. We're really sorry that this happened...more help on the way.
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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We do see this happen on occasion, where the lab gets a tracking number but somehow the package doesn't make it on the truck. It's rare, but definitely not unheard of.

When lab tells us it's shipped and provides a tracking number, we notify you immediately with all the information that we have. Unless we were to manually look up each tracking number for each order ourselves, I'm not aware of a way we could pro-actively catch this type of error. I will tell you for future reference that FedEx is very good about updating tracking info on their site so if a full business day goes by without an update, please do email a Support Hero to investigate.

I will bring this up with the lab for sure, and see if they can tell me what went awry in this case so that they might better prevent this from happening again. I agree completely with you: a 16x20 canvas shouldn't have disappeared. It shouldn't need to be REprinted but typically if something surfaces at the lab like this they will get it on a truck ASAP with a fresh tracking number. So more likely in this case, it DID get on a truck but got mis-labelled or mis-scanned and mis-routed at some point in the process. Errors happen but we'll get you this canvas and a refund just as soon as we can.

Please convey our apologies to your customer as well.

Anne MacAskill Bean
Print Manager