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Bugs and thoughts

Great Site. Love it. Some insta-fixes...

1) Adding new sneakers but my images are not coming up as the default, it's still the default empty box. This seems a common problem

2) Trying to fix the above, editing the sneaker forces you to add a comment. Comments should not be forced when you edit (i.e. to fix a color mistake etc).

3) Browse brands... hit "More"... you should also be able to hit "filter" from here, and not be forced to go back to the top level by hitting "less".

4) Browsing needs work. After you scroll down a few pages it all becomes unusably slow. next and previous buttons are badly needed.

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  • I’m happy that you've played a part in making Sneakerpedia a better place!
    Hey Paul,

    Thanks for your feedback. Most appreciated!

    1. The empty shoe box is intentional if you a. don't have a shot of the sneaker in the shoe box or b. you aren't ticking "in a shoe box" when you upload. This is because we think it's really important to present the sneakers in a uniformed way - helps everyone see them in their best light! The "not in a shoe box" option is designed for people to show off the detail shots of their sneakers.. e.g. stitching, different angles, material detail etc.
    2. We tested this and it seems to be working fine. If you are still having this issue, please let us know and we will look into it further!
    3 & 4. This feedback has now been incorporated into our future development plans, whereby we are looking at ways to speed up the Browse functionality & improve the filtering interface.

    Keep checking back to the site over the next few months for a range of enhancements and tweaks that we hope will make the site a more enjoyable experience.
    Have a great weekend.
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  • Hey Helen,

    even if I do click on "in a shoe box", I still get the empty box as the default image. Am I doing something wrong because it seems to be working for other users?
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