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Contest rules for Canadians

My name is Adam and I’ve been a supporter of The SP site and "idea" since it started.

I think the service that you provide to catalogue and showcase all brands in one spot is a great idea for all of us sneaker enthusiast’s.

When you launched your COTM idea on twitter the other day I thought it was a great idea and a smart way to give back to the community that is helping build up SP.

I logged into the site to upload my weekend purchases, and read the rules for the contest.........

I was very disappointed to read that do to where I live I cannot participate.

I have been a supporter since the start and feel slightly insulted by being left out.

We have Foot Lockers in Canada just like the rest of the world.

I’m curious why we are left out?

I will continue to use SP as I feel strongly in the site and love the idea, but I’m really not pleased that you have excluded loyal supporters for no reason.

I hope to check in after this weekend to upload my newest purchases, and I hope to read changes to the COTM rules.


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