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Debrief of Socialize Latency Week of 4/23

What happened: We experienced latency and service interruptions the week of 4/23.

What we're doing to fix it: We have spent the last week increasing capacity and putting additional monitors in place to be alerted of latency/interruptions before they become critical (or even noticeable to you or your users).

What issues are still outstanding: We are still seeing some minor response spikes. These are being resolved within the next couple weeks. We have also temporarily zeroed out the user count in the developer dashboard, as that was causing a high number of read/writes on our database. We are currently working on providing this data in an alternate fashion. All data is being stored. More details on the zeroed out user count issue at . Additionally, we have temporarily suspended the URL shortening service while we work to scale its capacity up. That is being resolved this week.

How long those will be outstanding: Critical performance issues have been resolved. Over the upcoming weeks we will resolve the minor performance spikes and related issues described above.

Action you should take: None required. If you want to shorten the URLs yourself, you can do that while we are working on the URL shortener.

Note: Our platform SDKs for iPhone and Android use asynchronous calls to make connections and get data. If using our SDKs, the latency issues described above should not have affected the overall functionality or response time for your app.