Export App Statistics and Email Updates to App Owners - Socialize Web

How useful (and cool) would it be if we could -
1. Export the detailed statistics of an application from the Socialize web interface
2. Export overall statistics of a user's application list
3. Export a user's (end-users - one who likes, comments, views) organized activity

into HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV or any other popular reporting formats?

And daily/weekly/monthly email updates to the app owner showing the statistics of the running applications graphically or tabular data just to remind the owner to come visit your site?

Is this feasible? I personally think it's a lot of overhead just to satisfy a bunch of owners as the end-users are exponentially more than the app owners, but it just hit my head that Socialize web doesn't give me any external o/p that I can store on my file system. That's what MY manager asks me every single time I come up with an idea in my profession - Statistics plz... :P

And also, how about hosting a downloadable powerpoint presentation showcasing the features and highlights of the Socialize API and SDK's with screenshots so that it would be easy to ... um ... market your product offline?
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