I’m frustrated

Facebook Login Error with version 1.40

v 1.33 works fine with my E63, I can access to all Twitter, Facebook and LinkIn.

I update to version 1.40 and cannot log in to FB,

I did follow exactly what you instructed here http://getsatisfaction.com/socially/t...

But I cannot get through to step 4. After entering my e-mail and password for FB, I receive an error picture like this on my phone's browser: http://www.facebook.com/connect/uiser...

I try to remove and re-install the app but FB still not work. [Twitter and LinkIn work fine]

Then I try to re-install version 1.33, but now FB does not work either !!!

I receive the same error as in version 1.40 http://www.facebook.com/connect/uiser... [Twitter and LinkIn still work without problem]

Please help me !!!

Thank you.
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