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Releasing stable, major release v3.02

Dear users,

A little background: for about 6 weeks, we have been working on a major upgrade to Socially app v2.11. We were hard at work improving the user experience and application performance and including features that were most demanded by our users.

But on Jan 13 - disaster, kind of, struck. Facebook had deprecated some of the APIs that were being used in our app and most users were not able to use Facebook from Socially app. As a quick response, we cut short our work on the planned new version and released v3.0 beta on Jan 15 - with admittedly limited functionality (LinkedIn and Foursquare not working at all) and few unseen bugs.

Two days later, on Jan 17, we followed it up with v3.01 beta - with fewer bugs but still limited features. Since then, we have been able to merge our work on the planned upgrade with the quick response beta versions.

A big thank you to all users who have tested and reported bugs in the beta releases v3.0 and v3.01. We have tried to incorporate most of your inputs and today we release v3.02 of the app.

What's new in this version:

  1. LinkedIn and Foursquare functionality is fully available, including ability to get social notifications from these social networks

  2. Improvements to application stability and performance

  3. Improvements to overall user interface and navigation

  4. Ability to navigate through previous and next social notification on phone desktop screen using gestures (left/right swipe) or arrow keys.

  5. Easy access to Saved Searches from Twitter Search page

  6. Improvements to Facebook Photo Viewer

You may download the new version, right now, from and soon from Ovi Store.

As always, be liberal with your praise and brick-bats and let us know how close we get to our vision of being the best, integrated mobile social client.

Socially Team

PS: Now with this out of the way, we can train our guns on brand new (and obvious missing) features like Image Uploads and many others!