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Sean B (Official Rep) April 24, 2012 22:58

9 Social Network Building Mistakes

Are you making these 9 website building mistakes?

You MUST have a website! SPX is free for everyone to share and enjoy.

Now what? Well, if you build your website wrong, or make any of the 9 common mistakes that cripple most websites; your site might never see the traffic it needs to deliver the success you deserve. Traffic=Members=Revenue=Success

9 Common Mistakes

1. Get a professional design from Krunch or whomever (without breaking the bank)
2. Make sure your website can convert visitors to active members providing you have an interesting website that engages members to return and login daily.
3. Get hosting that won't fail (or milk your profits dry). SPX is 100% Free
4. Discover simple ways to keep your website fun and enjoyable (New Content Daily on the Homepage/Group Chat/Contest/Blogs/Forum Topics)
5. Optimize your website for social media and search (Don't set your network to Private)
6. Have the confidence you need to build the online business/network you want, and be sure to have at least 2 active, trained moderators who share your vision.
7. Don't over burden members with requirements upon registration, it will scare them off before they even join.
8. When new members join, do they go un-noticed? Meet and greet every new member as if they were a long lost friend.
9. No Backlinks? Post your community's URL everywhere possible.

You don't want to become disenfranchised with Social Networking. It doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, anyone with the right formula can build a successful network without investing a fortune. That to say, through months of unneeded struggle, the last thing you want is to find yourself back here a year from, swimming in regret and searching for answers.
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