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Error with Linkspun robots reading my links

Hello I really need help as I trade links for traffic and need to be able to verify that the links are on my page as well as the other party. I copied some of the messages so that you may be able to understand what I need help with on my site

Post subject: Re: Trade Error is now shown in "Setup Trades"Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:02 pm

Hmm... I probably cleared the error last time and never switched the status to active.

Eventually it is going to go to error again... He should switch to using a javascript method or something else so that it does not happen in the future...

He could also put our IP into a whitelist to not trigger the warning page...

The warning page is blocking the robots from being able to see that the links I am putting on my site are there, can you please whitelist the ip address so that I may be able to trade links. Please and thank you in advance,

Monstersexx :)
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