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Photo of Albin
Not Working
So I just bought a pair of Sol Republic Tracks V8 headphones and after attaching them together securely and attempting to use them, I did...
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Photo of MrFrogmog .
Not working on Xperia Go?
My Tracks HD aren't working on my xperia go (latest update). It says that the mic and the buttons are not available but there is still no...
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Photo of Cj Owen
frequency range/response?
I have looked everywhere for this and I cant find and answer. what is the frequency response or range on the Sol Republic HD tracks v1...
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Photo of LukeT
bad right earphone
I just got my pair of tracks at bestbuy on Saturday 9/10/11. And just about 3 minutes ago the right ear piece stopped working, I tried sw...
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Photo of Gee
2 more things for perfection ;)
Alright ppl, these tracks HD are incredible, and trust me, I've tried a wide range of many different brands and form factor headphones. G...
  • Gee, 4 years ago

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