It should be possible to resume a task that was stopped by idle time detection

While it is nice to be able to choose a new issue for when you have been pulled away from the task at hand long enough for your computer to be idle, or to not log the idle time at all, more often for me, it is just that the task at hand didn't require the computer, or even took me away from it.

There should be more options for dealing with the idle time. The first, and the more important of the two, is that it should be possible to choose to update the stopped task and restart it, if, for example, a task requires extended periods of "think time" between the computer work. Second, it would also be convenient to be able to choose to update the stopped task and leave it stopped, if your computer is no longer idle because you are switching tasks.

I only list this as a problem rather than an idea, because the idle time detection feature has "broken" the old "feature" of continuing to time a task while the computer was idle but the operator wasn't.
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