I’m frustrated

Restore from "system tray" doesn't always restore on Linux

1. The app becomes minimized to "system tray".
2. Single click on the application's tray icon doesn't have the desired effect in about 70% of the cases:
2.a The app restores, but immediately minimizes to tray. (The window flashes on the screen for a moment.)
2.b Subsequent single clicks _might_ restore the app after a while.
2.c It also might happen that qfter several clicks, it doesn't even flash on the screen and there is no chance to restore or quit. The app has to be killed.

Environment details:
WLA: 1.0.1075
OS: Ubuntu 8.04.2
Desktop: KDE 3.5.10 (multiple desktop configuration - this _might_ be the key to the problem)

I'm really looking forward this annoying problem to be solved.

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