I’m really eager to see this implemented

round logged time to nearest 15/30/60 minutes

I work in an environment where (almost) all our time should be charged a customer. In this case it doesn't look very good when the time sheet reports say states time spent with several decimals, such as 2,036 hours, 5,836 hours and so on. (These will manually have to be changed to 2 hours and 6 hours respectively in this case.)

I propose a small section in the settings where one can set up rounding of time spent. With settings like this suggestion, one could have great flexibility with it:

Enable rounding [X]yes [ ]no
Round to nearest [ ]15 [X]30 [ ]60 minutes
Round down if [5] minutes above
Minimum time to log [ ]15 [X]30 [ ]60 minutes

The "Round down if __ minutes above" parameter would allow for some leeway to avoid charging a new 15/30/60 minutes if time is passed with a few minutes. It would also allow to even out extra time charged/spent over time, as some tasks may give the customer a few minutes "free time", and others charge a few minutes more than actual time spent.
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