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Rounding is applied before worklog consolidation

I have been using WorklogAssistant v1.0.1339 new features for some time and they seem not to be working as expected, according to documentation.
The new option "Consolidate issue worklogs into a single worklog (applies before rounding)" is not working properly when the option "Enable worklog rounding" is also active. Instead of consolidating "before rounding" as the option states, the worklogs are first rounded (up or down) and just then added to the accumulated worklog for the issue.
This repeated behaviour leads to serious time deviations when the roundings accumulate during the day.

The expected behaviour is as the option says: applying consolidation without rounding, without taking into account if the "worklog rounding" flag is active or not.

In fact, in our use case, rounding is only needed just before the worklogs are going to be published.
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