• wont let me sync

    Songbird has been launched to handle a connected media device but needs an additional addon to support the device. Please visit http://addons.songbirdnest.com and install the MSC addon. Without this addon you won't be able to manage your device with... (2012-09-17)

  • ICS update sync problems

    after updating to ice cream sandwich songbird does not see my android phone I am using a samsung galaxy s2 and a mac running os x lion. Songbird is up to date and I just recently updated the usb support for songbird with no improvement. (2012-09-19)

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  • Nexus 7 doesn't sync with desktop

    According to this: http://getsongbird.com/help/, the Android Songbird app synchs with the desktop app. It doesn't work on the Asus Nexus 7, is there something I'm missing? (2013-04-20)

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  • Automatic Flac to Ogg sync with supporting flac devices

    Hi ! Got all my music in flac on my computer and i would like Songbird to autmatically convert it in ogg when i drop albums on my android Xperia Ray (that supports flac) to save disk space. How can i do the trick ? =) Thanks for your answer (2013-08-20)

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  • Droid, FROYO and Songbird...

    … ) with Songbird (v 1.7.3) and having no success. I only want to sync a few playlists I imported from iTunes as I do not have room for my entire library … (2010-08-18)

    Tags: droid, froyo, sync

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    • … list on my phone. Why? 4. If I select "Auto" sync, I get a scary message about how Songbird will erase all existing … (2010-08-22)
    • … supported for Android devices. 4. Auto sync will not wipe the entire OS -- "media" refers to all the supported … (2010-08-23)
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  • functions the android app needs

    … android app could use: wireless syncing (check out tune sync) function to clean up unused genres … (2011-03-17)

    Tags: android, sync, genre, lyric, tag

    · Planned · 8 replies · 5
    • Hi jarod, We do have genre cleanup in the current release. Wireless sync, lyrics, EQ, tag editing and smart playlists are all planned features but we're not sure when they will be released. We'll keep the community posted. (2011-03-29)
    • Wireless sync would be great and Lyrics viewer is a need to get now for me....thx (2011-05-06)
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  • MSC support on OS X with an iriver E300

    … bought an iriver E300 which I'm trying to sync using Songbird on OS X via the MSC addon. I can quite easily copy music … (2012-08-01)

    Tags: iriver, e300, os x, sync, msc

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    • Songbird does recognise the device and I have tried both drag and drop, and the sync option. I'm using OS X 10.7.4 and the latest version of Songbird. Thank you. (2012-08-02)
    • No worries. It is recognised (model & manufacturer) but the sync only works one way. Thank you. (2012-08-02)
  • Songbird Deleting .wav Files from Droid X

    … called /notifications with a few .wav files that I use for various notifications. Whenever I Sync with Songbird on my PC, this folder gets deleted along with all of the contents of the folder. I am using the auto-sync option for Songbird, and my music syncs fine for the most part. Deleting files that are not even in my /Music folder … (2011-03-18)

    Tags: deletes files, sync, android, mtp

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    • … Geran - Unfortunately, this is a known issue with Auto Sync... which is why we're removing that feature. I would highly recommend that you install the Devise … (2011-03-18)
    • Why would you completely remove the Auto Sync option? It would suck for people like me who use smart playlists and regular playlists to sync with our devices. Why not just give users the option to select what folder and file types to sync? (2011-04-13)
  • Mount my hard drive already!!

    … . Would you like to erase all existing songs and playlists on your device and sync it with your Library?" If I select yes, will it erase all of the songs on my external … (2010-02-27)

    Tags: external hard drive, sync, mount, mounting, songbird, library

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    • Seems like there's a little confusion here. The sync function is a one-way sync: from your library to your portable device. If you have your library itself on the external hard drive … (2010-02-28)
  • Do you know somebody willing to write an extension for Rockbox users?

    … where my playcounts are stored in. I would love to see an extension that supports syncing Songbird's playcounts with the Rockbox file. I bet … (2008-12-25)

    Tags: rockbox, playcount, extension, sync, file

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