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Call for Android info

We're looking to add specific support for some of the more common Android devices, but we can't seem to find the info we need anywhere online... so we're asking for your help!

In order to properly identify them when attached to Songbird, we need the USB VID/PID pair for each device. The Vendor IDs are, luckily, internationally-defined standards. But the Product ID codes, which are manufacturer-defined IDs for each model, don't seem to be listed anywhere on the internet. The easiest way to get them is to plug the phone into a computer and access the info through our Devise add-on. After installing it and connecting your device, simply go to Tools > Devise... and click on your device in the list. You can just copy and paste the VID/PID line.

Please add a comment on this thread with the make, model, and carrier of your device, along with the VID/PID pair that you get from Devise.

Thanks so much for helping to improve Songbird! ^_^