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Did you find our most sought-after bug?

The resident Bird Surgeons have been hard at work to fix a bug that caused Songbird to crash for some of you on Vista. They've added some code to work around the problem, but we still don't know exactly how to make it happen.

If you see this message, we really want to hear from you:

Songbird has detected that your Library is corrupt and cannot be read.
In order for Songbird to function correctly, your library needs to be deleted.
This action cannot be undone. You will lose subscriptions, playlists and track
metadata edited in Songbird. Your media files are safe and will not be deleted, but you'll need to rescan them.

BEFORE YOU DELETE THAT LIBRARY we want a copy. Ping us here and we'll tell you how to get it to us.

We'll send out a coveted Songbird Schwag Kit to the person/people who help us squash this bug once and for all.