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I love this app!!! I always used iTunes but as a musician I needed some more flexibility and SongBird is it! Just one little thing - I liked the bird icon better than the new pink one. Thanks for a great app!!!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Agreed. Songbird used to sit happily at the bottom of my Windows 7 taskbar, but now its gone. I cant stand the pink!
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Peter Tambroni

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Bring back the bird!
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I'm a bird lover too! Bring back the bird!
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The bird has flown...:-(

Can we please have the bird back???
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There's a fairly easy fix (at least for Windows 7)

1) Save this image (or any, as long as it's square) somewhere:
2) Go here
3) Choose where you saved the image, select both the merge boxes.
4) Create the icon, and remember where you saved it.
5) Right click on the Songbird Desktop shortcut (assuming there is one, if not, make it)
6) Click 'properties' then 'change icon'
7) Browse for where you saved the icon.
8) OK twice (needs admin rights)

This worked for me, and replaced the one in the taskbar as well.
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Bring back the bird, please!
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I take some time to say thank you for this app, but please, give us back the bird !!

I hate the new pink icone. Even the application's name lose something with this change.

Thank you by advance !!
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The trick with "properties -> change icon" didn't work for me, but using Resource Hacker worked (need to replace all icons in file songbird.exe, then it correctly replaces the icon in taskbar and tray with the MinimizeToTray extension). Not really user friendly.