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LyricMaster Aggregator: Fetch, Batch option not working on song selections

I have Songbird 1.1.2, Build 1042 (20090331142126). I did not update to the latest version since many plugins I use are not supported as yet in the latest version.

When I play any song, I notice that the lyrics appear on the sidebar and get saved into the ID3 tag of the song that's playing. But, when I select multiple songs and use the "Edit Metadata" option, click on the "Lyrics" tab, and click the Batch button, I can't get any lyrics. The list of songs show up on the "LyricMaster Aggregator" window and there is a spinning circle next to each song, but no lyrics get fetched even after waiting five minutes. The problem happens even when a single song is selected and I go into the "Fetch" option on the "Lyrics" tab of "Edit Metadata".

Is there a problem with the Batch / Fetch option in LyricMaster?
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