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Make Songbird Default Player Button

I would like to make Songbird my default player. However, as far as I can see there is not an option to do so. I came across this problem or idea, when I disassociated Windows Media Player from playing any music formats. As a result, when I clicked a song in Windows Explorer it did not know how to handle the situation and asked me which program I would like to open the file. I found the Songbird.exe file and clicked OK. The song began to play in Songbird. However, these settings will only apply to this particular song. Each different song you double click in Windows Explorer will ask you again to choose a program from the list.

I think support should be added for a default program feature as well as integration features into Windows such as a Songbird icon attached to songs in Windows Explorer telling the user the file will be associated and played in Songbird.
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