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I would like to make Songbird my default player. However, as far as I can see there is not an option to do so. I came across this problem or idea, when I disassociated Windows Media Player from playing any music formats. As a result, when I clicked a song in Windows Explorer it did not know how to handle the situation and asked me which program I would like to open the file. I found the Songbird.exe file and clicked OK. The song began to play in Songbird. However, these settings will only apply to this particular song. Each different song you double click in Windows Explorer will ask you again to choose a program from the list.

I think support should be added for a default program feature as well as integration features into Windows such as a Songbird icon attached to songs in Windows Explorer telling the user the file will be associated and played in Songbird.
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Saturine, we've got bug 8551 open for this. I've added your comments to that bug. You can follow the progress of this bug by adding your email to the cc: field on the bug and clicking the commit button further down the page. Meanwhile on Windows, when you select a track in Windows Explorer, hold shift and right click, select Open With... choose Songbird, and check the "always use this program."
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nice... this is something else i was looking forward to.
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Click the "I like this idea button!" so we can count your vote for this feature.
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thanks... missed that
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AND you can manually edit the default settings in Windows. Open a folder and go to "Tools>Folder Options" there is a tab called "File types". In there it is determined, which application runs which kind of file. There you can edit mp3, wma, or whatever you like to use Songbird as player. If it isn't in the list, just point it to the songbird.exe and see, what that does.

Tyler out!
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It doesn't work for me. I'm using songbird 1.0 on Windows XP.
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@ ALL: I added topic strand and me too count to an existing bug already logged in bugzilla.

To track the comments on this work item:

1. Go to the "people" box in the upper right hand corner of bug # 8551;
2. Add your email in the "add cc" box;
3. Scroll down and hit commit.

If you don't have a free bugzilla account, signing up is quick and easy and will allow you to share your feedback directly with the development team.
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i would like this too
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dont work please fix!!
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Some of the various music formats are mp3 wma aac etc...

1. Right Click on a music file for each format you want songbird to be default player for.

2. Select "Open with" Then "Choose Default Program"

3. Click Browse in next window.

4. Find "songbird.exe" & Select it.

5. Make sure to tick the box beside "Always use the selected program..."

6. If you find this complicated. Sorry for your troubles...

Works in XP & Vista presumably 7 too.

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Ubuntu 9.10 Songbird is the standardplayer.
But it don't start if want open a mp3 file.
i have to start songird manuel (menue) and drag the file with the mouse to songbird and start the song. Yesterday songbird starts, today it don't start.
What can i do?

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Why don't songbird not start automatical?.
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In Vista or Win7 goto default programs in startup button, change auto play settings
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Win7 wont recognize Songbird as a program?
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please fix this bug sb team, i love this progaram, i get rid of wmp and only proplem im facing with songbird is default player setting
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hey songbird engineers ,don't forget, we ned this feature
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Aww... I love everything my Mozilla, and I need Songbird, please fix this!