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play queue troubles

i use the queue function alot. i have noticed that when you add songs to the play queue it treats them as a seperate playlist which is fine but what would be nice is if after the last song (in the play que), songbird would play the next song in the library (assuming shuffle is off). at the moment what it does (when shuffle is off) is it will play through the queue and then play the song that was after the song that before the queue was created. does that make sense? here's an example:

i play song A (which is in the library and not the new playlist that is created by the queue)
during song A i add a few songs to the queue: L, K, Z, and D

what i would like is for songbird to play through the queue and upon completing D i would expect it to play song E. instead it plays song B. this is frustrating especially if you make a long cue and expect it to carry on playing the artist of the last song in the queue and it doesn't.

please consider this. i'l help however i can.
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