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I have songbird 0.6 and I find it very difficult to subscribe to a podcast. I know there is a button create a subscription. It's working when the blog is only dedicated to music but for more complex website as this one http://atelier.rfi.fr/, it's not working. (On the bottom right of the page you have the possibility of subscribing to a podcast and it's not working)
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Hi Thomas,

You're right, we don't handle podcasts subscriptions well just yet. The good news is that making our podcast support better is on our list to tackle before the end of '08.

As you can probably tell from the latest release, we've been focusing on improving our performance in the last release, and are adding in some basic music player features in our next release, like album art.

I've included your request in our bug tracking system, so if you want to add yourself to the bug and follow our progress go check out: http://bugzilla.songbirdnest.com/show...


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Official Response

Whooee, there seems to be some gas on this fire.

I know that many of you in this thread simply can't use Songbird until it has working podcasting support. But it doesn't. Sorry.

Speaking as a developer (and not officially for the company) at least I can shed some light on what's going on here, why podcasting isn't in the next release and how that makes me feel.

First, a little background. I've been working on Songbird since 0.4, and if I remember correctly, fixing up the podcasting support was pretty much the first project I wanted to take on. Since then, I've been personally disappointed as podcasting has slipped from every release one after another. I feel your pain. I am also annoyed. It sucks, and I complain loudly every time this happens. People have come to expect it.

Having sat in on all those engineering and planning meetings (and even having spent a couple weeks getting started on the new podcasting work last month) I can say that we ALL want to fix podcasting. The problem is, it's going to be a hell of a lot of work. There are new dialogs to add, device support to think about, all kinds of issues.

Worse still, a lot of the code that is in Songbird at the moment around podcasting is utterly broken, flawed, or otherwise junky. Fixing it up and making it the way we want has been determined to be a waste of effort. That's why I'm never given a free hand to go fix those bugs you see in Bugzilla. It's just too far gone. Most of that stuff is going to be replaced by a new, shiny podcasting system. You can see the list of podcasting rewrite project tasks filed here:


That's 77 bugs (as of this writing) not counting any additional intake due to problems we find or other work that needs doing. When we cost our projects, we assign all our bugs a 1, 2, or 3 cost and experience has shown that over a long period we tend to close about 5 points per engineer per week across all projects. That basically means that with the two engineers who were available in Kanye (me and Erik) we weren't going to be able to seal the deal. You can do the math yourself.

The worse news is that the video support work we need in Led Zeppelin is actually much further along and has fewer user interface elements, which are by far the most time consuming and difficult part of creating a consumer application. There simply aren't going to be enough hands on deck next release to get the job done right either. If you can change that, send us patches, or better yet, your resume.

As a company, PoTI plans new features, and we publish our best estimate of when things will come, but they absolutely aren't promises, and when push comes to shove we have to make tough choices and somebody always gets left out. This time (like every time before) podcasting got pushed out. Again. Yes, it hurts, but this isn't a hobby project running out of someone's basement. People's jobs, people's money, and (most significantly) global domination are at stake here.

So, if you can't use Songbird without podcasting support, please accept my personal apology and keep using whatever tool is serving you better. When that day does come, I hope you'll find that we did the job right and built something rock solid.

For everybody else, we're all waiting together.

Now, having said that, I'm going to go back to trying to get these MTP bugs fixed so y'all can have another release.

I'll watch the thread for a bit and answer any questions you have as best I can.

Edit: Oh yeah, I should add -- this thread is so long that wanted to point out that I haven't read all of it, so please take that into consideration and feel free to re-ask me any questions you may have directly.