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Serious bug: most metadata lost with upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9.3!

Oddly, when I upgraded from songbird 1.8 to songbird 1.9.3 on Win XP SP3 on 12 February 2011, everything seemd to go well, but the migration to the new format seems to be seriously bugged.

Two symptoms:
1) Most of my metadata are not present anymore in songbird (they are still present if i open them with winamp).
2) And most (but not all) of my playlists got their name lost (empty names / not rendered names), both with intelligent and manual playlists.

If i click on a song with empty metadata in a playlist without name, it still plays the sound well!

Here is a screenshot:

Thanks for telling what needs to be done or to issue a patch that correct this serious bug.
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