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I’m unsure honestly

Songbird community edition

I think we should begin a community edition of Songbird. Songbird is a music player which is designed by a highly talented team of developers known as Pioneers of the Inevitable. To help pay for development, POTI offers it's services and develops addon's for paying partners, who often wish to integrate their services/products with Songbird or wish to re-brand Songbird to ship with their products. One such partner is Phillips (a major worldwide manufacturer) who have announced that a Phillips branded version of Songbird will be shipped with their portable media players. POTI's nest shows no sign of shrinking, and they are quickly becoming a major threat to other popular media players such as Winamp.

However, sometimes Songbird's work with partners is unable to be disclosed, or new features they are working on cannot be released until licensing has been arranged (such as CD ripping which was only introduced during the betas). This puts us into an odd situation, because we all love Songbird and want to help them. However, I have found that some in the community are reluctant to code for an application which is company controlled and whilst things such as the Phillips announcements come as a surprise, its often difficult to know exactly what is being planned.

By creating a community edition which is entirely community controlled, there would potentially be more contributors, whilst the community edition would be unable to use many official plugins (such as CD ripping which requires licensing), there could also be many features which haven't made it into Songbird core too (such as the exorcist potentially).

I think long term, POTI and the community wins. At least there will be more freedom of choice..

I have written a LOOONGG design document in more detail, with many suggestions for ideas of new addons we could work on, and merge back into the official Songbird tree later:
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