I’m frustrated

songbird *really* slow

Songbird is really, REALLY slow. I definitely know it is not my computer - I got it just a month ago, and everything else works fine on it:

Core i7 920 3.0GHz
MSI Eclipse Motherboard
6GB DDR3-1333 (with XP 32-bit only ~4GB, though)

And yet, it lags when you drag the window around, everything takes ages to do. Editing metadata for more than ~20 songs at a time causes it to momentarily freeze, the search-as-you-type thing takes ages to update itself, going from double-click on a song to actually playing it is about 5 seconds, switching between playlists is really slow and going back to the library is even worse, scrolling is laggy, and manipulating songs (moving them round, deleting them, adding them, [b]everything[/b]) is just woefully slow. I originally switched from iTunes because Songbird 1.0 was faster, but honestly, with the performance boosts with iTunes 8, and Songbird 1.1 and 1.1.2 getting slower and slower, I am seriously considering switching back.
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