Continuous problems authorising Orchestral Strings

In a nutshell: Orchestral strings serial number is no longer valid , although the same serial number is active in the ilok authoriser. Why are two authorisations needed? I have had this problem before where all ilok licenses are tied to my machine and are inaccessible because machine hardware has changed .I have 26 licenses to software which is useless to me because of this. I am now struggling with support with all developers since January 2018 with this same issue. I have receipts from the vendors as well as valid serial numbers. This whole process is a major deterrent and hope that these companies like sonivox, izotope and soundtoys move away from this system. A simple serial number with online validation should be sufficient. They should take the example from other companies like propellerheads, KV331 and g-sonique, or make rack extensions if they are paranoid about piracy, because in no way do any of the sales interest me in any of the products any longer , regardless of the discount: Any vendor which uses ilok, I stay away from. Anyway < i am not expecting support to resolve this quickly , as they had taken more than half a year already to reply to my second email. It will be a miracle if this does get resolved. The biggest joke of them all ? ZERODOWNTIME
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. I'm sorry you're having issues with authorizing your software. 

    It sounds like you may have tried to authorize your software through your DAW, which can sometimes occur when scanning your plugins. We highly recommend using the iLok License Manager to authorize your software, as this will ensure you will still have access to your software without losing your activations in the event something happens to your computer.

    While the Zero Downtime service is a separate service that is offered by PACE, our Technical Support team will be happy to assist you with getting you back up and running with your plugin. I have escalated your case to one of my support technicians - please expect an email shortly.

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