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I’m frustrated

Got authorization code from Vortex to download Vortex-I, waiving the $50 fee. Still cannot authorize from Sonivox.

Since S/N from Vortex did not work to download Vortex-I software. I contacted Vortex. Vortex e-mailed me an authorization code to download the Vortex-I software for free. I then receive e-mail confirming my Order with an order number. After installing the software, which ask me to authorize through internet, nothing works. I entered my Order number and e-mail also. Nothing works. The message tells me that it cannot find a sale with my e-mail. I then try to activate manually by Read the License and e-mail to License Request. After a few minutes, I go an e-mail back informing me that
"We are unable to authorize this product because we cannot find a sale for the email address provided:"

I have attached a copy of my order confirmation and send another e-mail to support staff. This is getting a bit ridiculous.
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