Hi-DPI Scaling Issues in Cubase 9.0.20 on Windows 10 Pro 64bit Creator's Edition

I downloaded Sonivox Vocalizer Pro as a trial and found the following UI-related issue:

I use Cubase 9.0.20 on Windows 10 Pro (Creator's Update), using a 4K display, which means I have set a Hi-DPI scaling setting of 150% in Windows and apply that to Cubase (which by itself does not support Hi-DPI scaling internally).

Sonivox Vocalizer Pro vst plugin appears to be causing Cubase to exit the Hi-DPI scaling mode, resulting in tiny text and symbols for Cubase and all of its plugins.

After removing Vocalizer Pro, the behaviour of Cubase Pro returned back to normal, i.e. abide by the Windows Hi-DPI default setting, i.e. the problem is solved by removing the VST.

I'd be grateful if Sonivox collaborated with Steinberg in resolving this issue. Ideally, both Cubase and Vocalizer Pro should support Hi-DPI scaling. I presume this would have to be included in a parameter that's passed from Cubase to the VST plugin on initialisation.

Kind regards.

The attached image shows how Cubase looks when the VST plugin is loaded. Notice the font size of the application's menu and the VST plugin's button (which appear at normal size on a 4K display), compared to the font and icon sizes of the Cubase tracks (which appear too small on a 4K display).

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