How do I adjust the Pitch Bend Sensitivity in the DVI, Slap Bass

I am using the DVI spector slap bass.
How do I adjust the Pitch Bend Sensitivity?

I tried using the RPN and MIDI CC, but it was not applied.
RPN 0 signal to change the Pitch Bend Sensitivity originally, but It changed the value of the Attack of AMP envelop.

Please tell me the way If you know of a way.
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  • Hello,

    Thanks again for posting Jong. You can adjust the Pitch LFO Depth Slider. This slider applies Pitch LFO control to the mod-wheel as well as controls the maximum depth of the Pitch LFO when the mod-wheel is fully engaged. See below.

    • I think you understand the question wrong.
      I guess the wrong word choice.

      20 years, I did not use English. Feeling to be used again................ I taste to die


      I'll question again.

      I do not want to know.adjust the LFO Mod-Wheel.
      I want to know how to adjust the BEND RANGE of PITCHBEND controller.
      When I moved to the maximum PITCHBEND controller, I hope the pitch of 1 Octave is changed to.

      Shit! English is difficult .... Did you understand my question?
    • Hello,

      No, you're doing great! I totally understand your question but the only way to adjust your pitch is from the image above or by using your mouse to modify your pitch as shown below. You can't adjust the range from the DVI.

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