Issues in Logic Pro X, HS 10.13.6


I have tried contacting support, however I am getting a 502 bad gateway every single time, so I am not sure my request is going through. I'm posting here, hopefully these issues can be resolved.

I have recently purchased the Sonivox Filmscore Companion, and I'm having a few issues with the Orchestral Strings and the Big Bang Cinematic Drums in Logic Pro X. This is via the AU plugin.

In Strings:

Pres14: 43 Cello Staccato Down-U
The D2 note has an E1 note as one of the Staccato notes, when played repeatedly.

Pres29: 34 Violas Sustain Up Bow
The release notes are a bit louder in volume compared to the volume of the played note accross multiple velocities, resulting in audible clicks, when switching between notes. This makes the preset unplayable, as this would be quite noticeable in an arrangement.

Pres38: 36 Violas Trem Sul Ponti
The same as above, except here the upper octaves are fine, but the releases are quite audible on the lower notes.

Pres39: 24 Violas, Pres43: 08 Ens Strings Sus Up Bo, Pres48: 02 Ensemble Strings
The same as above.

In Cinematic Drums:

Logic seems to crash randomly, either when I change presets, or when I switch to a new preset via Logic's Next/previous buttons, or the menu. From what I can tell, this is mostly happening if the UI window is open.

In addition, the advertised mow heel does not work to control the dynamics of the instruments where it is specified on the Sonivox site. This is a great shame, as I really like the sound of this product, but in any orchestral arrangement, dynamics are essential.

Thank you very much for any help in advance.
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