No sound from Vocalizer Pro

hi there,just bought vocalizer pro 1.3 to work on my ableton set, done all the set-up as advised but no sound. please help!
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  • Hi Subash,

    Sorry, must've missed this one :)

    Can you please provide me with your full system specs?

    Follow these steps below to setup Vocalizer Pro in Ableton:
    1. Create or open a Live Set.
    2. Create 1 new audio track named Vocalizer - Audio.
    3. Create 1 new MIDI track named Vocalizer - MIDI. 
    4. Load an audio clip onto the Vocalizer - Audio track.
    5. Insert Vocalizer Pro on the Vocalizer- Audio track.
    6. Route the output of your Vocalizer - MIDI track to your Vocalizer - Audio track.
    7. Record-enable the Vocalizer - MIDI track.
    8. Trigger your audio clip in Live and then MIDI notes with your connected keyboard control. The output of your audio track will now be "vocalized".
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