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Quick iLok reset

That "corrupted" iLok message doesn't just happen with SONiVOX software. You might want to make a copy of this post for yourself.

iLokReset (Win10)---This is a major time and sanity saver (thanks to SeaGTgruff)

This will save you about 20-30 minutes of needless aggravation; you won't have to uninstall the iLok software, reboot, download the latest iLok software, (re)install the latest iLok software, reboot, run the iLok software, and login to your iLok account to update your licenses. Just do the following:

->Control Panel->System and Security->Administrative Tools->Services

(a) Double-click on PACE License Services and then click on the [Start] button in the popup window

. . . or . . .

(b) Select/Highlight PACE License Services and click on the underlined "Start" link that appears in the upper-left corner of the services list

That's it. This procedure even has a longer-lasting effect than the unistall/re-install that the iLok error message suggests. Only heaven knows why PACE doesn't post this info on its website. The reset might become necessary after Windows updates or some software installations.


P.S.: You can make a desktop shortcut/icon to get to the Services page even quicker, and get up-and-running in about 10 seconds when the need arises:

->Control Panel->System and Security->Administrative Tools->right-click on "Services" and select "Send to Desktop" from the dropdown menu. The icon will look like two, pale-blue, meshed gears.
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