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Noisy door slamming from next door - Help needed


My neighbours harass me by slamming their front door up to 25 times a day.

I sleep in the room above and the noise I measured on a Maplin sound meter was just over 115 decibels.

We live in a semi detached house with poor soundproofing (i can hear them talking in the next room).

What products can I use to insulate or absorb this level of noise of which by far the worst is the crashing of the front and patio doors.

Thank you for your advice.
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    Impact noise from doors slamming is a mix of structural borne sound and airborne noise and one not easily addressed with sound insulation when the noise levels are as high as you have measured. The only real solution would be to have a word with your neighbours and offer to pay for a door closer that can be adjusted so that the door closed quietly. If you invite them round for a drink and raise the issue in passing, you may find they will be receptive to the idea and will be much cheaper for you.
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