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Incredible SVM and Roaster Combo

Frank told me that the SVM has worked with others using a roaster and I might not need to purchase the heater bubbler solution or another container. Well I tested out the system I had for the last week and I am very very pleased. Using the SVM and Oster 22 Quart roaster, silent air pump, some silicone tubing and 4" airstone I have been able to keep my SV Temperatures within .1 of the setting for virtually everything I have done from 125F - 165F (I am not doing vegs so I do not need 183 ) all week. In order to help out the system, I heat water up in the MW and add it to the roaster and after it has reached a temp close to where I want it, I set the SVM controller and it has indeed worked like magic and given me gourmet quality proteins.