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HTML in Spaaze Notes

Embed HTML in Spaaze Notes.

Rather than create a number of Spaaze Bookmark items, I would like the option of putting some simple HTML code directly in the Spaaze Note.

For example, for links:
My Links

Quick Hits
MSFS WebNotes
Jeanne's Notes
Royal Bank card# 4519

Google Groups

Or tables, bulleted lists, images, etc.

- Jeff
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  • Ha! This reminds me of something I've forgotten with the last update which already enhanced the note. I forgot to automatically turn URL's into clickable links.

    But generally I'm still undecided wether to allow pure HTML in notes. This is why I've added the wiki syntax with the last update. When you activate the wiki syntax it's already possible to create headings and bulleted lists. It's the same syntax as Wikipedia uses. Since Wikipedia also supports images and tables, I may could add support for this syntax in the note as well. But as said, at the moment I'm not really enthusiastic about HTML in notes.
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