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Gamestop/Madcatz controllers won't connect

i went out just now and bought these 2 controllers at gamestop. No one sells the OEM microsoft wired controller in stores in my local target, walmart, gamestop, etc, so these were just a few of options.

Xbox 360 Control Pad by GameStop (controller 1)

Gamestop Xbox 360 Controller by GameStop (controller 2)

I have controller 1 connected to the PC and I have controller 2 connected to my gamepad. I get the following message now, "Unable to sync 'username' adaptor 'macaddress' with console. Check USB cable connection between Game Console and HD-720."

When I do the configure Gamepad option, I followed the instructions by clicking "AutoAssign" and mapping any of the buttons that happen to be missing within the tabs. Once I'm done, I click Save. I close all the pop-up messages and I'm still not able to use the controller. I even then click the "resync" button and up pops the unable to sync message.

I bought what I understood to be comptable controllers as the forum post says, "MadCatz GamePad". So any help would be appreciated!
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