How do you connect multiple consoles to 1 tv physically?


I want to use the HD-720 with multiple consoles but don't know how to do that.
I understand that for each console (maximum of 2) there are inputs and outputs (to the tv) on the device.
But offcourse my tv only has one input for each connection (composite, component, s-video etc.). So lets say i want to connect my PS2 and PS3 via component to my tv, would i have to buy then a component switcher or something or isnt that necessary?

Hope to get an answer soon about this.

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Laurens Snels
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  • If you want them both to use component and you only have one component input on you T.V., then you would need to buy a component switch. The problem that brings about is that when you are playing remotely, you cannot remotely change the switch's input.

    If you specifically want to hook up both the PS2 and PS3, to be honest you should hook up the PS2 via composite and PS3 via component. This not only is convenient for use with the Spawn Player, but for fitting the capability of the PS2 graphics.

    EVEN WITH component cables, the best quality you'll get on 99.9% of PS2 games is 480p.

    If you take a look at this list:

    Only 3 games total are in 1080i, and maybe 100 or 200 total that support 480p. Any other games not listed won't even take advantage of your component cables for the PS2.

    In my opinion, it would be worth it to bite the dust and plug in composite cables for the PS2. Hope this helps!
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