How do I share my tips and advise with members

How can I improve my experience on Spoke. I want to share my expertise in writing business plans and marketing plans with those who are interested. How do I do that
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  • Hi Thomas,

    Great Question! One of our main goals at Spoke is to create an environment where expertise is easily shared with our community. A great place to start in order to promote yourself is to register and claim your person page (if you haven't done so already), or create one if we don't have a page for you yet.

    Then, you can create topics around the areas where you have specific domain knowledge (maybe this is 'business plan writing', or 'developing marketing plans for wind energy distribution companies' -- my point is that they can be VERY specific if that's where you have experience).

    Then as you add relevant news articles and important industry sources to your pages, we will promote your name and your profile so that people can see exactly who has created this great content, and learn more about you as a professional.

    Spoke Support
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