What are the benefits to signing up as a member of Spoke.com?

Can you explain what I might get out of signing up, I can use much of the functionality as an anonymous user.
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  • While anyone can edit information on www.spoke.com with ease, we will not give any accreditation to anonymous users. This means that while you may have some important information to share with your industry, no one will know that it came from you unless you've logged in. As a member, all of the changes that you contribute to Spoke are associated to your profile, which has a number of interesting ripple effects. We are constantly on the lookout for users who contribute quality information, bringing meaningful points to the conversation and enhancing the information community at large. As you stand out as an expert in your industry, this status will afford you greater and greater benefits that you can leverage over time. There's a lot of noise in the age of instant publication, and we want to continually identify who among your industry deserves to be heard above the rest -- and by signing up, you enable an important mechanism for us to hear you.
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