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Accurance of ST while riding on a bike and offline tracking

The accurance of distance on Nokia N9 phone is much better than I first thouht. While continuosly riding on a bike it seems to be equal to a well calibrated cycling computer! While not riding you must stop tracking. If not stopped while not moving there will be extra points on your track like a nest of magie although you set the speed imit to 2 km or 5 km per hour. This is voided if you stop tracking. There are many free apps to edit the .gpx file after your excercise. I tried to edit the gps data file with good results. The length of your workout is correct after the clean up of the resulting file. Thanks for option to import/export .gpx files!

I really like the Sports Tracker application on the Nokia N9 phone. However, I have something to wish for, too. The ST application should be run without a data connection! It works in fact, but it is frequently asking for the data connection if you try to something else while tracking is on. Many other users seem to wish the very same option. There might be more options as well but this one is the most imortant.