Customisation for Cycling

I have 4 ideas.

Firstly, a friend feature on the website. I want to share my workouts with 1 or 2 friends easily. Atm i'm having to share them 1 at a time via the FB share option and then using the FB settings so only they see. A simple feature where we add our "friends" on the ST website and then can make it semi public so they can see all of our stuff would be good.

Secondly, Cadence is very important for cyclists. Polar already make cadence detector things so adapting one of these to run on bluetooth and then adding the functionality to the app and i can tell you know that 99% of the cyclists would go out anhd buy it. I'd happily spend £20(€30) on this tomorrow.

Also, The people that are using this app on their bicycles need a mount to attach the phone to the bike. At the moment my phone lives in my back pocket whilst cycling but i'd much rather have it somewhere i could conveniently check my average spped/heart rate whilst going along. If you got a simple waterproof, seethrough case made up, you could chuck you logo on it and take a cut of the profit from each sale.

I've already bought the heart rate moniter and would happily spend another £50 on the cadence thing and the mount which i'm sure others would to. It's in your own best interests to do this. :)
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