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How to support sales tax in particular UK and EU VAT

My business is based in the UK / EU and it seems I may have to charge sales tax (VAT) to some customers and not others depending on where they are. According to the accountant the rules are as follows:

1. Charge VAT to UK business + private customers
2. Charge VAT to EU private customers
3. Do not charge VAT to EU businesses (it's common practice for EU business customers to be asked for their local VAT number as proof)
4. Do not charge VAT to rest of the world customers

VAT is a % of the price and I believe varies by the EU country the business is located in, e.g. 17.5% in my case.

It is also necessary for tax reporting to be able to break down by quarter how much was charged in each category (the rules for this are a bit weird and I'm checking into them - for example depending on the rules that apply you may have to report tax based on when you offered the service, when you billed, or when you actually got the money).

Obvious this is a major PITA but it doesn't appear to be optional :-)

So the first question is, is this location information collected and available to my site when integrating?

Secondly I don't see any way to collect the additional information (such as VAT number) - could this be added to the wishlist? Every EU customer that is VAT registered is going to hit this issue (and they will have to VAT register once they hit a certain revenue).

Thirdly, some users (i.e businesses) will want to get a VAT receipt so they can claim that tax back. Again there are some rules about how this has to look, which I'm checking into. At least it has to show the seller's VAT number (i.e. mine) and maybe other company details also. I think this could be in an email or a PDF / web receipt they could print off.
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